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Mitchell 300 Baffle Plate Evolution
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Author:  Wallace Carney [ Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:47 am ]
Post subject:  Mitchell 300 Baffle Plate Evolution

Hello Mitchell Mates,

For those who don't know; I published a Mitchell 300 study a few years ago called "Mitchell ~ Rebirth of a Legend"that exposed many things including how to date a Mitchell 300 just by the serial number. It also included boxes and many other factors including Baffle Plates. Since then I've learned a little more. Here's an update of Baffle Plates...


On all 1st and most 2nd Version reels:

On very late 2nd Version reels:
This is also found on pre-LH (301) 3rd Version Reels (one of the hardest to find)

Due to copyright infringements on the above; this one is most common on early 3rd Version:
Same as above but better "quality"

Normally found on 3rd Versions with serial numbers:
The tiny holes seam to serve no purpose. One possibility is these were originally cut for both LH and RH reels making these holes available for both trip pins. A LH Baffle plate is a mirror image of a RH. Just a thought!


Found only on a very early test run of full bails within the half bail production:
Very Rare! The serial numbers begin with "B" prefix followed by 5 numeric digits. This one was on SN B29598.

Common full bail Baffle Plates:
Top left is on common 4th Version reels. The other two are on 5th Versions. The one in the center was another copyright infringement. The arrow shows an anti-inertia brake that had to be removed as you see in the last one to the right.

Most Common full bail Baffle Plates:
This set shows the one on the left carried on to the next version. The large hole was cut for servicing the Trip Lever. The last on on the right shows the anti-inertia brake returned. I've given serial number ranges these were found on. Even with the gaps between these numbers; it helps.

To assist; please see Dating Classic Egg Shape Reels under Articles.

Comments on errors and omissions are welcome!


Author:  Carl Shumate [ Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:22 am ]
Post subject:  Mitchell 300 Baffle Plate Evolution

Hello Wallace,

I found a Baffle Plate (same as the one you assign to very late 2nd Version) on a 3rd Version LH (301) SN B08575 except it is mirror image.

Is this unusual or common?


Author:  Wallace Carney [ Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Mitchell 300 Baffle Plate Evolution

Hi Carl,

Under that baffle plate I wrote "This is also found on pre-LH (301) 3rd Version Reels, one of the hardest to find" which would look like a mirror image. Hope this answers your question?

Regards, Wallace

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