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Rules for Those Who Post
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Author:  Mitchell Reel Museum [ Fri Oct 16, 2009 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules for Those Who Post

All group discussion forums can create a bad atmosphere thereby running people off or make them not want to "say" anything in fear of criticism. We have created strict membership rules to keep this from happening here!

Please feel free to ask any question without fear. There are no dumb questions but you may get a lot of different answers but that is okay; that's how we learn! Everyone here is entitled to his or her own opinion even if it's wrong. We are not here to judge nor debate what answer is right or wrong. That's up to the person asking the question to decide.

Respectful debates are okay but if differences of opinions are being argued; members must do this through direct contact and not through posts. Once they reach an agreement, it would be nice of them to post their final decision.

As a member you have the option to "Ignore User's Posts" under "Interact" located to the left of that user's post. This will hide all posts made by that member from your view!

Our Rules for Members are simple:

1- Always be Nice and be Respectful of Everyone's Opinion!
2- Keep Your Replies On Topic ~ Better to Start a New Topic if Necessary!

Being "nice" is difficult in any written conversation, especially a discussion forum because you can easily misunderstood. Using the smiley faces will help show your intended emotion! A "Joke" or "Kidding" can easily be misunderstood! Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion as long as it's not just an attack on another. Morals vary between all of us so what some may think is okay; others may think not. No member will have the right to judge another member in a post! When posting under a "Topic" please keep the replies relevant to what's being discussed or start a new topic. Topics do come to an end, eventually.

Our moderators have the right to delete anything that breaks these rules and give the member a warning if they feel it necessary. This forum has a preset automatic permanent banning of any member who receives three (3) warnings. It was this or zero-tolerance so please just follow the rules. Obvious spammers, attackers, demons and gremlins will be banned without warning!

Keep it clean and friendly...

The Support Team

Author:  Mitchell Reel Museum [ Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules for Those Who Post


We thought this was in our rules, or maybe it was just obvious, but please don't post e-mail addresses or phone numbers other than your own if necessary to your post. We have to respect the privacy of others, we're sure everyone will understand.

The Support Team

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