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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:22 pm • #  
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Paul Mauborgne, creator of the Luxor reels filed a complaint against Carpano & Pons for counterfeiting.

He criticized C&P for copying his patent No. 905,268 concerning a "braking device at launch with a fixed spool reel, and had reproduced his invention on a reel which they manufactured under the name of Mitchell 300."

C&P argued that this braking device was prior to the CAP, the tribunal found that the CAP system is not a special braking apparatus, and that it is a parasitic braking without great action

Having lost this trial, C&P appealed, dismissed by the « Cour d’Appel » on December 18, 1958.

C&P seized the highest judicial authority, the "Cour de Cassation", this one in a public hearing on 8 January 1963 confirmed the rejection of the appeal against the judgment of the « Cour d’Appel » of Paris No. 59-10.981 S.A.R.L. Establishments CARPANO & PONS C/ MAUBORGNE, thus giving reason to Paul Mauborgne by confirming the counterfeit

Attached some pictures of the different documents
PS: Patent No. 1,095,475 issued on 22/12/1954 filed by C&P concerns the baffle plate
PLA 1.jpg

PLA 2.jpg

brevet 2.jpg

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:07 pm • #  
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Hey Laroupane,

Thank you for another interesting post on history - Mauborgne's legal claim of a patent violation by Carpano & Pons.

I am certain this topic is very difficult to translate into English. In case illustrations from the patent documents would help discussion, I have attached them below.

FR0905268 Mauborgne illlustration.jpg

FR1095475 Carpano_et_Pons illustration.jpg

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:47 pm • #  
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Hey Guys!

I got this piece from the internet and posted it on another forum...

I am reposting it here because it explains the legal relationship of those concerned with the current topic...

Here it is:


I found this about the connection to the Luxor reels that appeared to be made during the war...

First the history, (early) LUXOR reels were all designed by Paul Mauborgne. He had them made under his supervision by a company called LLM. LLM delivered the reels to Pezon et Michel that provided the boxes, did the marketing and distribution. The NAME Luxor was owned by Pezon et Michel. The technical patents were owned by Mauborgne.

A little after Mauborgne died the Mauborgne family separated from Pezon et Michel in 1967/68.

The Mauborgne family continued making technically the same reels under the name CRACK.

Pezon et Michel continued using the name LUXOR for different reels (the square Luxor Nr.1 e.g.), as they did not have the rights to the technical part, only the name !

I can write 200 pages on Crack and Luxor but that won't help you.
So about your large size Luxor, it's the older version of the later Crack 300.

Called Luxor Saumon-Mer (Salmon-Ocean)

First version 1940 half-bail, knurd. handle knob, also with Manual p/u

Second version 1949 full bail now with marking "LICENSE P MAUBORGNE"
also available in manual p/u version, sold as Surfcasting

Third version 1954 handle can be folded, also available in manual p/u version, sold as Surfcasting

Fourth version from 1955 - till ? different a/r knob, different handle, also MPU version first marked "A",

Fifth version from ? till 1959 marked "B"

Fifth version from 1960 till 1967 now marked "C"

That's it !

The Crack 300 was made from 1968.
About 5 or 6 different versions exists
First versions marked Bernouville sur Eure (Bernouville is the name of the place were the Mauborgne family lived, Eure is a river).
Versions with manual pick-up marked 300S

from Belgium

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 3:03 am • #  
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Hello John,

Thank you for posting the complements to my messge

The translation of legal words is not obvious, even in one's own language understanding is difficult.

In France the different competences of each level of justice are of a higher level each time. In general three steps: the "Tribunal" which judges at first instance, the "Cour d'Appel" which officiates if the condemned contests the judgment of the "Tribunal" and the "Cour de Cassation" which gives the final judgment if the condemned contests the decision of the "Cour d'Appel"

In this case Carpano & Pons used both available remedies.

It is not Luxor (Pezon et Michel) who has lodged a complaint but Paul Mauborgne personally.

Best regards

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