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Vintage Mitchell

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Mitchell 300 AM – 1946-1953 = 269,700 Units
Mitchell 301 AM – 1949-1953 = Unknown But Limited

Mitchell 300 AP – 1952-1986 = 13,128,960 Units
Mitchell 301 AP – 1952-1986 = 1,335,253 Units


We are listing these most famous 300 series Mitchell reels in versions as determined by our team for the purpose of our website and an easier understanding the differences between major changes only.


Though there are several publications with other opinions on what constitutes a version; we can not all seem to agree. For this reason we’ve tried our best to make this complicated issue as simple as possible.


The main difference you will find is we do not consider any removable stickers placed on reels a version. We also take into consideration the differences or likenesses of both Garcia and European issues.

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